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Health & Wellness

We provide general health education and awareness services as a means to positively impact the military community and their families. Our goal is to provide the tools and resources necessary to for individuals to lead healthier more sustainable lives.

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We collaborate with community organizations and the private sector to provide safe, secure housing for military and Veterans in need. Individuals will be assisted with housing needs on an individual basis.

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Professional Development

Our organization is invested in supporting the continual growth and education of our members of the military, especially Veterans looking to transition to a new viable way of living and earning an income.

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John Brown, Founder of Pink House Charities shares personal insight on America’s unsung heroes and the inspiration behind Pink House Charities.

He also gives an account of his late father Joseph Charles Brown, Army Air Corps (1944-1948) U.S.A.F. (1949-1977). He was the founder of The Club a social club that supported Veterans with alcohol and drug addiction in Manassas, VA.

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“A Veteran – whether active duty, discharged, retired, national guard, or reserve -
is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to ‘The United States of America’ for an amount of ‘up to and including my life.’”

-Author Unknown

About Us

  • Our Vision

    To guide & empower military from all eras and branches towards well-adjustment, renewal and healing.

  • Our Mission

    To provide the means for military members and their families to gain the resources, support & guidance necessary for the restoration and renewal of their lives.

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    Our Values

    We create an environment that fosters committed community integration, belonging and social connectedness  for the current and former military members we serve.

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